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8/09/15--IL---Two story barn, 35 x 60, faded weathered red, pine, pre-1895.  Price = $3500.  Located in Country Club Hills, IL.  Contact Jesse Miller  at 708-856-2066  or

8/09/15--KS---56 x 30 x 30.  Located in northwest Kansas by Colorado and Nebraska line.  Pine wood.  Faded red roof.  Faded white sides.  Contact:  Brad Richard 785-4726-2809 or 308-737-1760 or Pam Moses 620-727-4447

7/29/15-NY---  mid 1800s barn L-shaped: one section is 55 x 25 and connecting section is 60 x 35.  Located about 12 miles west of Saratoga Springs, NY.  Has a slate roof and some large beams.  Mark Jones, 7171 Barkersville Rd., Middle Grove, NY 12850. 518-882-6104   email:

7/29/15-MI ---24 ft wide, 45 ft long. Weathered grey pine.  Beautiful hand hewn beams.  Log rafters.  located 2476 N. Peterson Rd., Ludington, MI 49431 231-613-0939

Barns For Sale

8/09/15--NY---Main barn is 100 x 40, faded red and probably pine.  Many 8 x 8 beams.  Located in Fort Covington, NY,  very near Canadian border.  Contact:  Clayton White  518-358-2203

8/09/15--PA---50 x 32 two story pine barn.  Weathered grey.  Attached shed 20 x 12.  Located in Corry, PA (northwestern PA).  Contact: Rexford Morris


7/31/15--MN---2 buildings we'd like to sell and have completely removed.  Barn is 40 x 80 and another wooden outbuilding that is 10 x 20.  $4,500 or best offer. Faded red oak.  Located in Makinen, MN  Karri Bjerke

7/31/15--KY---3200 +/- barn with all wood rough cut over 50 years old.  Located in central Kentucky.  Barn material is all under roof consisting of 8 x8, 2 x 6, 2 x 4, etc.  Gary Sampley  606-666-6445 (office)

7/31/15--IL---50 x 50 barn with 8" square beams with wooden dowel construction built around the early 1900s.  Faded white and grey.  Located near Greenfield, IL.  Debbie Wonsil  217-883-2946

7/31/15--Barn over 100 years old and wood is chestnut oak.  Barn is 40 x 60.  Some boards are 2 feet wide and 14 feet long.  Barn has two levels and 10 stalls.  Color is weathered black.  $5,000 or best offer.

7/29/15--WI---30' long, 20' wide shed.  Faded red,  hand sawn boards.  Hand cut beams, probably maple.  Located about 20 miles west of Menomonie between Elmwood and Spring Valley.  Merlin Place 715-772-4697

3/07/16--NY---40' x 70' two-story barn.  Grey weathered siding and brown siding.  Inside storage room second floor is natural wood.  Located near Union Springs, NY.  Round log type floor, joist support beams hewn at ends, white washed.  12" x 12" support beams whitewashed.  Contact:  Joe Leogrande, 315-567-1569

8/09/15--OH---30 x 70 barn, over 100 years old.  Probably oak.  Weathered grey.  Additional old garage that has timbers and siding, too.  Located in Sciota County, Ohio at 105 Russell Rd. Wheelersburg, OH.  Contact:  Joe VanDeusen  740-357-4255

8/09/15--NC---16 x 16 pine & oak mixed log tobacco barn.  Weathered grey, tin roof, tier poles inside.  Located in Pilot Mountain, NC  $1500 or best offer.  Contact:  Angela Nunn  336-755-7555 after 6:00 p.m.

8/09/15--WI---Faded red barn located in Muskego, WI.  Built in 1860.  Has oak beams but unsure of the rest of the wood.  Contact:  Margaret Moll  414-422-8620 (B)

8/09/15--MI---45 x 120 two story barn with hand hewn beams.  Oldest part approximately 80 years old.  Weathered red siding.  Located in Sandusky, MI.  Contact:  Susan Dreyer

7/31/15--WI---28 x 128 barn.  22 x 40 lean-to attached shed.  8 x 6 milk house.  8 x 10 milk house.  Faded red pine.  Located 4 miles SW of Whitewater  Gregg Raupp   608-843-0827

7/31/15--KY  Old log building from late 1700s.  19 x 17.  Logs are 8" x 10".  Grey colored, possibly chestnut or poplar.  Located in Hodgenville, KY.

Have photos to email.  $4500.  502-549-3624

7/29/15-IN---40x60 bank barn with slate hip roof.  Siding is faded red pine. Hand hewn beams.  Built in 1920s.  Located about 5 miles south of LaGrange, IN near Valentine, IN.  John McKibben  260-499-4111 or Carey McKibben 260-463-2355   or

8/30/15--WI---40 x 60 falling down 100 year old barn with faded red lumber.  Best offer with clean up.  Located in Cecil, WI.   Contact:  Wendy Ruda

8/30/15--MO---Barn is approximately 27 x 40 and is made of unpainted & weathered rough cut oak (square edge).  There may be some cypress but it's mainly oak.  Located in SE Missouri near Sikeston, MO.  Asking $2,800 or best offer.  Contact:  Harry Sharp  573-471-0472

8/09/15--WI---Barn built in 1898 by my great-great grandfather.  Lots of barn boards and oak & pine beams.  Located in Reedsburg, WI. Contact:  Linda & Ervin Borleske   608-524-2509

7/31/15--IL---Barn is roughly 40 x 40 with a 12' lean to on two sides of it.  Barn sides have been covered with corrugated tin but the wood underneath has a rough white finish.  Main timbers and studs are rough sawn oak.  Most joints are wood pinned.  Hay loft deck is possibly rough sawn pine planks.  Located 3 mi. west of Neoga, IL  Gravel road to barn and plenty of room to work.  You can tear down and I will clean up. Randy Walk  217-317-0312

7/31./15--NC---36 x 30 post and beam barn with red boards located in Mooresville, NC.  Not sure  what type of wood.  Barn has 6 rooms and a hay loft.  You can drive straight through the barn.   Call Kevin at 704-200-4753.

8/17/15--WI---Old stone barn built in 1842, located in Milton, WI.  Pretty sure the wood in barn is walnut (beams, floorboards, everything).  About 2800 square feet.  Contact:  Brian Paul

8/17/15--WI---Located in Portage, WI.  Footprint is approximately 35 x 50.  Wants to find a contractor that has insurance.  Contact:  Matt Amero  608-228-6980

8/09/15--OH---50 x 85 bank barn built around 1900.  Beams--both hand hewn and milled.  Basement has some logs and some milled.  Located in Berlin Center, OH.  Contact:  Craig Myers  330-533-5556 (B)  330-547-2061 (H)  330-565-1103 (C)

8/09/15--ME---1823 two story post and beam barn.  Red on front, weathered shingles on rest of building.  Maple hardwood flooring on second story.  Not sure what kind of wood it is made of.  Barn was a stagecoach stop  when the stage ran between Bangor and Greenville, ME.  Located in Garland, ME.  Contact:  Steve Nicholas 207-924-5043 

8/09/15--KS---100 year-old  two story barn, 30 x 50 x 30, weathered grey.  Located in Paola, KS which is approximately 30 miles south of Kansas City.  Cedar post, oak flooring, tin siding & roof.  Mark Audley 816-590-7720  $2,000 asking price provided it is completely disassembled, hauled off & site is completely cleaned up by qualified contractor with proven experience & insurance.

3/07/16--WI------30 x 50 barn for sale.   East side of barn is natural (all red paint gone) other 3 sides faded red.  Hand hewn beams.  Located near Neillsville, WI.  Contact:  Julie Reineck, 715-238-8088,

12/28/15--NY---FREE!  Standing woodshed removal in Highland, NY.  Looking to trade standing 100 year old 12' x 17' x 18.5' woodshed for dismantling and  complete cleanup. Nice weathered grey planks between 10 and 14 inches wide.  Plank yield approximately 1,000 sq. ft.  Contact:  Richard Rose, 845-345-6783,

8/09/15--NE---50 x 50, weathered white and red.  Located in Unadilla, NE  Contact:  Scott Ensor

8/09/15--WI---1850 log house.  Exposed logs look to be oak and are in excellent shape, roughly 13 x 13 square along with 8 x 8's.  Logs are very well protected from the weather. Located in Ferryville, WI.  Contact:  Mike Feilen  608-734-3359

8/09/15--NY---80 x 60 faded red barn located in Preston-Potter Hollow, NY.  Made of pine.  Contact:  Michael Lonuzzi  718-834-0770


8/09/15--MI---Huge 1880's barn in great condition.  Located in Union, Michigan.  Contact :  Larry Adams 810-334-2869

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8/17/15--MA---Carriage house barn in Newton, MA.  45 x 35 full two stories. Excellent condition with crumbling foundation.  Built around 1850.  Contact :  Daniel Pincus


8/09/15--KY---30 x 30, weathered grey, unsure what kind of wood.  Located in Bedford, KY  Contact:  Ronnie Dunlap  502-639-5278

8/09/15--IN---40 x 120.  Located in Goshen, IN.  Oak and pine.  Antique tin roof.  Contact Kathy Wesson  574-202-2058 or

8/09/15--NY---3,000 board feet of hickory wood from 1800's barn that was taken down and is located in Utica, NY.  Contact:  Chuck Tomaselli


8/09/15--NY---Late 1800s hop barn, 40 x 40 red pine barn located in Canajoharie, NY  Contact:  Andy at  518-848-6112

8/17/15--MI---located in Melvin, Michigan.  Weathered grey.  Contact Michael O'Malley at 618-531-2594 or 618-5314-2566. 

8/09/15--MI---Barn 75 x 35, corn crib 5 x 12, grainery 16 x 22, shed 32 x 22.  Some red paint, old.  Located in Newport, MI.  Oak and pine.  Contact:  Norman Blanchett  734-586-3905

8/15/15--IN---two-story barn in Mitchell, IN.  Mostly weathered grey with a little weathered red.  Made of oak.    Price $600.00  Contact:  Basil Briscoe  812-849-2044

8/09/15--IL---50 x 40 faded red oak, other buildings, good beams.  Located in Venedy, IL.  Contact:  Verna Steinkamp  618-533-1563

8/09/15--PA---20 x 60 barn with hay loft.  Located in Indiana, PA  Asking $2,900.  Contact:  Andrew Irvin

8/09/15--IN---1910 pine wood barn, 42 x 20 with full loft. Built with nails.  Weathered grey.  Located in Sullivan County, IN.  Contact:  Chuck Davis


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Want more information or to do it yourself?  The Old Barn  Wood Booklet----1)  Explains 5 easy steps to dismantle a barn,  2)  Suggests a price for the reclaimed boards and timbers,  3)  Tells you where to get your wood identified,  4 )  Lists 30 companies that purchase reclaimed wood.  Send  a check in the amount of $9.95  to:  Old Barn Wood, 1911 Draper St., Baraboo, WI 53913